Harness racing is a type of Horse racing which is sport of driving at speed where a Standardbred horse pulling a light two-wheeled vehicle called a sulky. The Sulky is also commonly referred to as a Gig, Cart, Bike or Spider, it has two wheels and is aerodynamic in shape for maximum speed, and is attached to the horses saddle and pulled behind the horse, with the driver steering the horse.

Standardbred horses are the breed of horses that engage in these races, and best known for its ability in harness racing. Harness racing horses are of two kinds, differentiated by gait: a Pacing horse and a Trotting horse. In pacing, the pacers move its legs laterally. The driver will carry a light whip to signal the horse. While in trotting, the trotter moves its legs forward diagonally. During harness races, if the horse breaks their 온라인경마 gait and accelerates into a canter or gallop they have to be slowed back down into their correct gait or they will be disqualified. Pacers are not allowed to race against trotters, but trotters can go into pacers races, although it is not common.

The sport began when the horses that delivered the post in America in the 1800s were made to race against each other. But it really took off properly with the coming of the first and most famous harness racing horse, Hambletonian, in the 1850s.

This sport is done individually. It can be done by both men and women, although some horses may be separated by gender in some races. Harness racing is usually held at dirt racetracks. Harness Racing has become more popular throughout the world than thoroughbred racing, except in the UK.



Horse Racing is not aimed at breaking records, but aiming to win. https://www.racesite.info/

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