Individual races are set a rating, in order to bunch together horses of similar standard. Therefore, a race at Kempton with an 80–95 rating will only accept horses within that bracket. Before a horse can be assigned a rating, it needs to run a few races first, to give the judges an idea of how fast it is. 경마사이트

Not all ratings are created equal. The presence of ratings in a horses form doesn’t necessarily make them accurate or reliable. Good ratings require a high degree of racing intelligence to construct and take a significant amount of effort to maintain. Rating a race horse for the first time is actually fairly simple for the handicappers. A young horse will earn its first Official Rating (one of the numerous statistics added to a race card that can be bamboozling to newcomers in the world of horse racing) when it has either, it wins a race or finished in the top six in three races. But a horse can lose it’s official rating. This happens when a horse has been absent from horse racing action for nine consecutive months. At this point their rating is expunged from the records.

Handicappers calculate the ratings based on a number of factors, with the biggest one being the weight carried by a horse and its outcome in a race. The BHA will also create performance figures for each horse, which factors in the race course, distance, ground, the draw, relative weights carried and the tempo at which the race was run.

It is important to mention that all ratings are at weight-for-age, so that equal ratings mean horses of equal merit. The merit of each horse it is possible to weigh up is given as a rating, in pounds, and arrived at by the use of handicapping techniques which include careful examination of a horse’s running against other horses. Another way of looking at it is to see the universal rating handicap as four handicaps side by side: one for two-years-old, one for three-years old, one for four-years-old and one for older horses. Read more…

Horse Racing is not aimed at breaking records, but aiming to win.

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